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If you need a simple http server to just serve your static files, here you go: Just run one of the following commands in the respective directory.

Python 2.x:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Python 3.x:

$ python -m http.server 

/via +BjörnBrauer

The Git protocol is often blocked by firewalls, which could at least be a problem if you are using a dependency/package manager like NPM or Bower. They tend to use the Git protocol as it offers great speed over SSH and HTTPS.
If you can't convince your admin of trust, to open port 9418, you can use the Git configuration to use HTTPS instead of the Git protocol. Just execute the following command:

$ git config --global url.https://.insteadOf git://

For a detailed list of available configuration options please see:

Orlando Hohmeier in front of the Moscone Center, San Francisco

Two awesome days packed with announcements, workshops and great sessions, which I enjoyed very much.
Google introduced the new design concept and the upcoming Android "L" release, featuring unified multitasking, app search, an updated recent view and remote wipe.
I heard about Android Wear, Auto and TV. It’s Android everywhere: On your wrist, in your car and your TV. All seamless connected, context aware and voice enabled.
I learnt about the new Service Worker API providing methods to persistently cache resources and even to handle all the application network access – bridging the gap between the web and apps.
Heard alot about performance and its importance.
Learnt about Polymer a Web Component enabling framework aiming to solve many of todays web development shortcomings by empowering a readable, declarative, meaningful and maintainable markup.
Thank you Google!

In the last few months, I felt the need for someplace to record and publish some of my ideas and thoughts. A place to collect my notes and share my findings. A place to blog again.

This is it. My new blog.